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Board Meetings

The Board has determined to not hold regular meetings at this time. 

  • District No. 1-7


Per the provisions of Section 32-1-903, C.R.S., as amended by HB21-1278, the District may hold meetings of the Board at a physical location or by telephonic, electronic, or virtual means, or a combination of the foregoing.


Liberty Draw MD Nos. 1-7 - Resolution Concerning Online Posting of Meeting Notices.pdf
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Zachery CesarPresident2027
Mitch NelsonVP/Asst. Secretary & Treasurer2027
Franklin J. Gardiner, Jr.VP/Asst. Secretary & Treasurer2025
Tanya SmithVP/Asst. Secretary & Treasurer2025
Andrew GerkSecretary2025

Please see below for meeting dates, notices, and agendas: